A Fairy King

I just published a new novella! It’s called A Fairy King, and you can find it on Amazon and Smashwords, as well as purchase it directly from me.


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Young Hannah receives an interesting letter. Is her pen pal a fairy prince or a prankster? How long will he write to her, and what will change as a result of his letters?

He offers her a wish. Can he really grant a wish? What will she wish, and what will she offer him in return?



Early reviewers have said:

Magic is alive, love is afoot:

There are some stories that just end too soon. CJBrightly’s “A Fairy King”. Left me wanting more. I know this is a short story, but the scene is set so why not bring it along?
Nine year old Hannah unexpectedly receives a letter from a Fairy boy. Their worlds are separate, but he has the power of magic just strong enough to send the letter over. Hannah, of course, has no idea of how to send a message back, but she grows up writing back to the boy, keeping the letters together. He tells her of growing up under his father the King. She tells him of growing up, going to school, finishing college, and getting a job. Their inevitable meeting is tentative but endearing. Her trip to visit the Fairy kingdom cements their relationship.
This may be classed as a young adult story, but those who love stories of growing love, magic and adventure will appreciate this one. Please, please, please, CJBrightly, write soon. I’m waiting.

K.M.C., carpenter


CJBrightley’s “A Fairy King” is a wonderful fairy tale. I loved the story of a human girl who is pen pals with a fae boy. Brightley is excellent at descriptions, both of the setting and the characters. I enjoyed the quiet unfolding of two lifetimes in a very tender and sweet way. This would be a great story to introduce upper elementary kids to the world of the Fae. Brightley makes me hungry for more of this world.