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Previous guest posts I’ve written are listed below:

The Beautiful “What If?” – on – 8/22/2013

Beyond the Magic – for Sophie Duncan on 7/26/2013 (part of BBF 2013)

Excerpt from The King’s Sword and Interview – 7/24/13 for Yolanda Renee (part of BBF 2013)

Managing Reader Expectations Through Cover Art – 7/24/13 for Sharon Bayliss (part of BBF 2013)

Writing Fight Scenes – 7/24/13 for D. H. Aire (part of BBF 2013)

Excerpt from The King’s Sword – 7/23/2013 for Kyra Dune (part of BBF 2013)

Writing as a Man for Wendy Russo and my blogger book fair page – 7/23/2013 as part of the 2013 Blogger Book Fair (BBF)

Choosing Cover Art for Your Indie Book – on – 2/4/2013

The Different Facets of Fantasy – on – 1/23/2013

I’ve also been interviewed or otherwise featured by the following bloggers and authors:

Interview by Darth Val of Silk Screen Views – 12/9/2013

Review of The King’s Sword by Darth Val of Silk Screen Views – 12/9/2013

Interview by Sabine Reed – 8/13/13 (part of BBF 2013)

Interview with Daniel Sherrier – 7/23/2013 (part of BBF 2013)

Featured/Interviewed by Rhonda Laurel – 7/19/2013

Review of Things Unseen by Rebecca Foster of Undiscovered Tomes – 9/27/2014

Interview with Nicholas Kotar – 8/11/208