Twelve Days of (Faerie) Christmas – Pre-order with the real cover!

Twelve Days of (Faerie) Christmas is up for pre-order on Amazon and other retailers! With the real cover!

When Charlotte meets mysterious Ronan, her comfortable life is upended in a confusion of magic, monsters, and birds. Lots of birds. But Ronan’s increasingly ridiculous gifts are the least of her concerns – the spell connecting them is ticking like a bomb, and time is running out.

It’s a clean, standalone fantasy adventure-romance novella/short novel of about 41,000 words.

You can pre-order it on Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo already, and the pre-order should appear on iBooks and B&N Nook very soon. The release date is February 27. The paperback should be ready next week, too.

Alternately, you can get it early with the temporary cover, with a release date of February 21 (tomorrow!). If you get this version, you’ll also get the version with the real cover for free! On February 27th (the official release date), I’ll update the file and everyone who has already bought and downloaded it will be able to get the version with the real cover at no extra charge. Click the pink cover below to go to that version on Gumroad. Please note that this will require you to sideload the file to your device. The pink cover version will not be available as a paperback.

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