Anniversary Post 2015 – Book Stats

This is a very belated post, but pretend I posted this a month ago for the calendar year 2015.
The King's Sword UPDATE EBOOK copy A Cold Wind UPDATE EBOOK copy Honor's Heir UPDATE EBOOK copy Things Unseen EBOOK copy The Dragon's Tongue - EBOOK copy shyccs_fairyking (2) A Fairy Promise ebook v5
Books Published: 8 (4 in 2015 – The Dragon’s Tongue (novel), A Fairy King and A Fairy Promise (novellas), and Heroes and Other Stories (a print edition of Heroes, Street Fox, and Color, which were all previously published))Books in Progress: 2 (Book 3 in A Long-Forgotten Song (tentatively titled The Beginning of Wisdom), and Book 4, as yet untitled)

Books Backburnered: 2 (Erdemen Honor 4, as yet untitled, plus a new standalone)

Short Stories Published: 4 (none in 2015)

Short Stories in Progress: 2

Blog Posts: 115 (25 in 2015)

Is there anything else you’d like to know?

2016 Writing Goals:

I tend to be wildly overoptimistic about how much I can get done and how quickly I can write and edit, then berate myself when I don’t achieve those goals. I’m trying to be realistic. Life and other responsibilities take a lot of time, and I haven’t quite mastered getting up at 5:00 to write. I can get up, but my brain doesn’t engage. I have a regular babysitter now, who has been a lifesaver, but most of the time the kids are with her has been spent on consulting work.

Rather than a word count goal, I’m setting these general goals for 2016:

  • Publish A Long-Forgotten Song Book 3 (it’s SO CLOSE!). It’s almost through editing, so I’m aiming for a late March/early April publication date
  • Outline A Long-Forgotten Song Book 4 (April-May)
  • Draft A Long-Forgotten Song Book 4 (June-Sept)
  • Outline the standalone novel (September-October)
  • Start the draft of the standalone novel (October-December)
  • Take another look at Erdemen Honor 4
  • Write 15 short stories
  • Put together the first SpringSong Press anthology. (July?)

Hm. Written out like that, it looks a bit ambitious.

What are your plans for 2016?