Writing Goals 2014

One of the things I’ve realized about my writing is that it’s easy for me to write and edit and write and edit and write and edit some more and then rethink everything and lose confidence and…. never actually finish a piece.

There are a few reasons for that: lack of planning (I tend toward pantsing, as in writing by the seat of my pants, even though planning would probably work better for me), lack of focused time to really dive into my work and figure out where I am and what needs to be done, and most of all, lack of confidence. So this year I’m not only setting goals for my writing, but actually planning and preparing to meet those goals.

I’m also making them my writing goals, so you all can hold me accountable!

  • Publish Erdemen Honor 3 – March 2014 (currently being reworked)
  • Publish A Long Forgotten Song 1 – April 2014 (solid draft complete, currently in edit)
  • Publish A Long Forgotten Song 2 – July 2014 (solid but incomplete draft complete, to be edited after the draft of EH3 is complete)
  • Solid first draft and at least some editing on A Long Forgotten Song 3 – November 2014
  • Significant planning, some drafting of A Long Forgotten Song 4
  • Publish 5 short stories
  • Publish 45 blog entries (not counting guest posts)
  • Write 150,000 words

You might notice, if you compare these goals to what I produced this year, that while I have a number of pieces lined up for publication, I’m not expecting to write quite as much next year as I did this year. Why? Because I have other, real-life excitement to share!

The Brightley family will be adding a new member… we’re expecting baby #2 on May 5, 2014! He’s a boy, and we’re all very excited. I’m trying to keep my goals realistic, because I have a bad habit of setting ridiculous goals for myself and then being incredibly unhappy when I fail to achieve the impossible. These goals should be doable, although they will still be challenging. When #1 was born, I had a pretty rough time physically, and although I hope and expect that this time will be better, I’m also trying to give myself the time I need without feeling guilty about it.

What are your plans for next year? Are you trying anything new? Traveling, writing, parenting… what adventures will 2014 bring you?