Anniversary Post! Book Stats – 2013

On the first anniversary of publishing my first book, The King’s Sword, I thought it would be appropriate to post some statistics. It’s a bit scary to share book stats like this, but here goes:

Books Published: 2 – The King’s Sword and A Cold Wind

Books in Progress: 4 – A Long-Forgotten Song (publication in March 2014 – preorder here!), the as-yet-untitled sequel to A Long-Forgotten Song (publication in April/May 2014), Book 3 in the Erdemen Honor series (also untitled, publication in March 2014?), and Book 4 in the Erdemen Honor series (publication TBD)

Books Backburnered: 2

Short Stories Published: 4 – Street Fox, Heroes, Color, and Basileus and the Cat

Short Stories in Progress: 2

Blog Posts: 52

Approximate Number of Words Written This Year (novels, short stories, and blog posts only): ~190,000

Is there anything else you’d like to know? I’m not confident enough in my sales numbers to reveal those yet. I’m satisfied with my progress, but I’m looking forward to more sales as I publish more work. I’ve had fun though, and I realize that sales don’t always come immediately. One of the most difficult things for self-published authors is simply being found. Publishing more books and short stories will help with that.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most this year is becoming a little more involved in the writing community. For years, I wrote by myself, for myself. I found a few great beta readers several years ago, but for real-life reasons we haven’t really been able to stay in touch. Although I’d still like to find a few more beta readers for specific works in progress, this year I’ve had the opportunity to just meet and chat with other authors.