Saturday Scenes – From The King’s Sword

This snippet is from The King’s Sword and was shared as part of a weekly event on Google+ called Saturday Scenes, in which writers share scenes and snippets from their various works. It’s a lot of fun to see what others are working on. Please feel free to comment! Sometimes these pieces are finished (like this one). Other times, they are brand new and unedited, so you’re getting a rough sneak peek into my newest projects.


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“I’m out in four months. I’ve done my time. I want to see my children. Every day, not just for a week twice a year.” Mikoto speaks to me quietly.

“That’s understandable.” I try to push down my envy. A wife. Children. I would give almost anything for those joys.

Yuudai is the first to realize we have a problem. He shouts to warn us. The scouts must have been killed already. There are Tarvil everywhere. They are among us before we can organize. Our formation is ragged, but we are well trained, and we pincer the Tarvil among us as we close ranks.

They have archers. They outnumber us. Badly.

We make them pay dearly for their victory, but we are lost.

Blood spatters across my chest, Yuudai’s blood. His throat is open, but even fallen to his knees, he brings up his sword with his last strength to block a blow meant for me.

Sword brothers.

We will die together.

My chest blooms into brilliant pain, searing. I am staring along the length of a javelin at the sun-streaked sky.

I woke with a jerk. My chest hurt, a heavy ache, and I sat up, hunching forward to rub the scar with my left hand. The pain was in my mind more than my chest. I tried to calm my breathing.

“Are you well?” Hakan was up on one elbow looking at me.

“Fine.” I closed my eyes again. Phraa. It still felt like the shaft of the javelin was grinding against my ribs with each breath.

“Do you want a drink or something?” He sounded a little frightened.

“I’m fine.” I lay back down and stared up at the stars. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him stare at me a minute longer before settling down again. It took a long time for my shoulders to relax and to sleep again.