Paperbacks and Posters!

IMG_7014Paperbacks are now available!

The King’s Sword: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

A Cold Wind: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

AND posters are now available! You can order them directly from my Zazzle shop. Kickstarter backers received signed copies, but these are not signed – they’re sent directly to you. If you’d like a signed copy, please contact me directly and we’ll figure out how to make that happen. Follow the links to find the posters for The King’s Sword and A Cold Wind. My personal favorite is the glossy canvas… the colors are gorgeous and intense, and the texture adds the perfect drama. The archival matte print is really pretty, but because the paper is matte, the colors aren’t quite as intense. I haven’t gotten any of the other print options myself, but there are plenty of reviews online to help you decide.

In this image, the glossy canvas prints are on top, and the matte archival prints are below. Forgive the blurry picture… the print quality is excellent on both the canvas and archival paper.