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Calling All Heroes! A Hall of Heroes Giveaway

Unwilling or epic, tragic or super, heroes are key to any story. Join in our Hall of Heroes giveaway for a chance to add both ebooks and paperbacks by eighteen Fellowship of Fantasy authors to your library. Fellowship of Fantasy is a group of fantasy authors committed to publishing clean fantasy. My book in the giveaway is The King’s Sword. At the center of our giveaway is the Hall of Heroes short story anthology, jam packed with thrilling tales. Whether you win the paperback or not, you can still get the ebook now for FREE! I don’t have a story in […]

Want free books? Sign up for my ARC Team!

Would you like free books? Of course you would! I’m forming an Advance Review Copy (ARC) team – that’s a team of readers who will read my books before they’re available, and post reviews as soon as the books are launched. What do you get out of it? Free review copies, of course! I send you a free ebook, you read it, write a review, and post the review when the book goes live. You’ll need to post on Amazon, but posting on other retailers and review sites like Goodreads is also very much appreciated. What do I get out of it? Reviews! […]

Fantastic Fantasy Giveaway! Win a Kindle Fire + 30 Fantasy Ebooks

The last giveaway was so much fun I’m hosting another one! This giveaway is also for a Kindle Fire and 30 clean fantasy ebooks (mostly different books than the last giveaway). Click here to enter! If you didn’t see the last one, you might be wondering “what’s the point?” Well, we’re all looking for new readers! By entering, you’re sharing your email address with us so we can tell you about our new releases and other writing news. Don’t worry… you can unsubscribe at any time. Many of us also have special freebies for subscribers, so even if you don’t win, I […]

Fantastic Giveaway! Win a Kindle Fire and 30 Fantasy Ebooks

I’m hosting a fantastic giveaway with 29 other authors. Click here to enter! We’re giving away a Kindle Fire and 30 fantasy ebooks. So what’s the point? Well, we’re all looking for new readers! By entering, you’re sharing your email address with us so we can tell you about our new releases and other writing news. Don’t worry… you can unsubscribe at any time. Many of us also have special freebies for subscribers, so even if you don’t win, I hope you’ll be glad you entered. You can check out the giveaway here, and also check out the books in the […]

Interview: Hannah (from A Fairy King series, after A Fairy Promise)

I decided to interview Hannah, the narrator of A Fairy King and A Fairy Promise. Several readers submitted questions, so I asked Hannah directly. If you have any more questions, or questions for other characters, please let me know! Here she is!   C. J.: Hi Hannah. Thank you for making time to speak with me. Hannah: You’re welcome. She is soft-spoken. She brushes her hair back from her face with a slender hand; a ring flashes on her finger. C. J.: That’s a beautiful ring. Is it from Cadeyrn? Hannah: Her smile lights the room. Yes! Isn’t it beautiful? She hesitates, then says, Although I […]

Extra – School Days (Continued)

For #SaturdayScenes this week, I’m sharing a continuation of the short story / novella draft that I began with School Days, which is set during Kemen’s childhood. Enjoy! ~~~ “What is he?” Chavo asked. Bekendi followed Chavo’s gaze. “He’s a Dari. Full-blood, I think.” All the boys exercised together, and the instructors who weren’t leading watched the students. The oldest were at the front today, where they could be corrected. Their performance was critical to their final assignments, and they worked hard. “Have you had any problems with him?” Bekendi had been watching another boy and glanced at Chavo in […]

Fan Art! Part 2 – Now with Cosplay

My lovely fan Courtney has made more fantastic fan art! Check out this adorable Niall from A Long-Forgotten Song series (Things Unseen and The Dragon’s Tongue so far): She’s also done some cosplay! See it here and here If you’re inspired by my characters, please share your art! I’d love to see it.

Saturday Scenes – From the Sequel to A Fairy King

For #saturdayscenes (an event on G+) this week, I shared a snippet from the sequel to A Fairy King. I’m considering reworking a bit of the end, so some of this may change. Also, I’m pretty proud of myself for finding a piece that only has spoilers for A Fairy King and not the sequel itself. Go me! SPOILERS AHEAD! BEWARE! “Close your eyes.” Cadeyrn’s gloved fingers wrapped around hers, and she felt the world fall away and reassemble itself. The transition was nearly as smooth as it had been that first time, and she smiled to think that Cadeyrn was nearly recovered. The familiar […]

Fan Art!

I just hit a major author milestone: FAN ART! This is, without any exaggeration, one of the most exciting things that has happened to me as an author. Not only did someone love my characters, but she loved my characters enough to draw them! As an author, this is makes my heart go pitter patter. This is why I write. Isn’t he cute? I love this drawing. I like this depiction of Kemen. In my head, he looks a bit like a darker-skinned, green-eyed, longer-haired, more muscular version of Egyptian actor Amr Waked (at least in this photo). Maybe a bit like this color […]

Saturday Scenes – From a new fantasy project

This post is from a weekly event on Google+ called Saturday Scenes, in which writers share scenes and snippets from their various works. This piece is brand-new and unedited and may be part of a new project I’m brainstorming. It’s looking like a possible portal fantasy with a few retold fairytales and a bit of a quest. Please feel free to comment!   ~~~   Unseen force hurled her across the room. Whipcord thin, the invisible magic binding tightened around her throat. She choked, and the binding tightened inexorably. She fought, clawing at her own skin. “You’re not real,” Hvardr gasped. He […]