An Experiment – The King’s Sword is FREE!

The King's Sword UPDATE EBOOK copy

Have you been interested in reading The King’s Sword but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Here’s your chance to get it for free! CLICK HERE

I just uploaded The King’s Sword to NoiseTrade, a free distribution platform. All you have to do is sign up with your email address and download it as either a .mobi (Kindle) or .epub (almost everything else). You’re welcome to give me a tip ($5 is suggested, the same as the retail price for the ebook), but it’s not required.

The greatest challenge to being an indie author is being discovered. I’ve gotten some good reviews and I know people enjoy my books, but I haven’t been able to reach as many readers as I’d hoped to. Please help me out! Please share this post and/or my NoiseTrade page.

Depending on how this goes, The King’s Sword may stay available for free (with an optional tip), or I may remove it. Success is defined as finding new readers, so please help me make this successful! Share it with anyone and everyone… the more, the better!

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