Book Lover’s Bazaar Review

Last Saturday I attended the first annual Book Lover’s Bazaar! It was a very small event, but lots of fun.

The authors attending (or at least their books were attending) were:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find everyone’s URLs. There were also crafters and other vendors there, including me in my alternate identity as the jewelry artist behind the name Shy Violet.

The group was fun, and the self-publishing panel had some great advice for the attendees. The only downside was the near-complete lack of foot traffic. I think all my sales were to other authors and vendors… I’m not sure more than 5 people who weren’t either authors, staff/volunteers, or vendors even came through the doors. Normally that would be a major flub on the part of the organizers, but I don’t want to blame them for this. The event had been scheduled in a much more visible location with a lot of walk-by traffic and much greater visibility, and the venue bailed on them at the last minute. While the traffic wasn’t what I would have hoped for, the organization was great… lots of volunteers to help with set-up, water for the vendors, etc. Overall, I’d really recommend it as a vendor, and just hope that the venue doesn’t pull the rug out from under them again. Because they really didn’t deserve it.

I hope I can do it next year!