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Fall Schedule

This fall is going to be busy! In addition to writing, I also make jewelry at Shy Violet. While I don’t have a lot of cons close by this fall, I do have craft shows! My schedule is below (click the names for links to the fliers). September 26-27 – Occoquan Arts and Crafts Show in downtown historic Occoquan, Virginia. Saturday the show runs 10AM-6PM, and Sunday the show runs 10AM-5PM. I will be there as an author only. October 3-4 – Fort Belvoir Oktoberfest Autumn Bazaar at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The show runs 9AM-5PM both days at Specker Field House. I’ll have both books […]

Awesome Con DC Review

This weekend I sold my books at Awesome Con DC. It was lots of fun and I did sell some books, although not as many as I had hoped. Here’s the rundown: The table cost $250, including two exhibitor badges. I initially had it to myself, but then found a friend, Becca of papertulipstudio, to share my booth. I used both badges, and she bought extra badges for herself and a friend. I’m pretty sure she made more money than I did, but oh well… that’s what happens when you share a booth with a talented artist! She’s a great […]

Things Unseen: A Long-Forgotten Song (Book 1)

It’s done! Things Unseen (A Long-Forgotten Song) is out! Things Unseen is the first book in my new dark, urban, Christian fantasy series. You can read an excerpt here, as well as find purchase links for ebooks and paperbacks. I’d also VERY much appreciate any reviews of Things Unseen if you have a chance! Check out the fantastic cover art! I love it! I even had the full digital painting made into posters in preparation for Awesome Con DC this weekend. I’m thrilled with the cover designer and look forward to working with him on the rest of the books in […]

Paperbacks and Posters!

Paperbacks are now available! The King’s Sword: Amazon | Barnes and Noble A Cold Wind: Amazon | Barnes and Noble AND posters are now available! You can order them directly from my Zazzle shop. Kickstarter backers received signed copies, but these are not signed – they’re sent directly to you. If you’d like a signed copy, please contact me directly and we’ll figure out how to make that happen. Follow the links to find the posters for The King’s Sword and A Cold Wind. My personal favorite is the glossy canvas… the colors are gorgeous and intense, and the texture […]