This is a consolidated list of links to some fun extras. If you have anything you’d like to see here, please let me know.

Short Stories

School Days – part of a longer novella coming soon, set in the world of Erdemen Honor

Basileus and the Cat (free short story)


Character Interviews

His Royal Highness Hakan Ithel was interviewed by Silk Screen Views here (after my interview with Darth Val).

Kemen Sendoa – Beware spoilers! This interview takes place after Honor’s Heir.

Hannah – After A Fairy Promise

More interviews coming soon!

I’m currently taking questions for upcoming interviews of other characters. Please submit your questions via comments, Facebook, or the contact form on the About Me page above.


Alternate and Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scene from The King’s Sword (Erdemen Honor 1)

Alternate Scene from A Cold Wind (Erdemen Honor 2)


Saturday Scenes

These scenes are shared as part of a weekly event on Google+. I don’t always participate, but when I do, I try to cross-post to my blog as well. You can find my Saturday Scenes here.


Fan Art and Cosplay

You can find fan art and cosplay of my books and characters here. Are an artist? Please feel free to share your work! I’d love to show it off. I love seeing how people envision my characters!