Announcing PhoenixCrate – a Noblebright Fantasy Subscription Box

After months of work, I can finally announce… *drum roll*…

I’m starting a noblebright fantasy subscription book box called PhoenixCrate! Every quarter, subscribers will receive a noblebright fantasy book with a signed bookplate, as well as a selection of related bookish treats and treasures. You can subscribe at several different levels: the PhoenixCrate, the PhoenixCrate Deluxe (the regular box plus another thematically related book and signed bookplate), or Just the Book (or Just Both Books). You can find all the subscription options here.

I’m passionate about noblebright fantasy for adults as well as for younger readers – I don’t think hope, courage, integrity, and generosity should be only for kids! So while these books are noblebright fantasy, and will be clean enough for readers 10+, PhoenixCrate is not focused on young adult readers. Instead, the selected books should appeal to adult fantasy readers just as much as YA fantasy readers!

I’d love to have you join me on this new adventure! Please use coupon code SBIslClb for 10% off!

On Aug 1, we revealed the theme, Dragon Fire!

❤ We loved this book’s courageous heroine and inventive world of mountain crags, mist, and of course dragons!
❤ As always, the box includes a SIGNED bookplate by the featured author! We also have an exclusive interview with the author!
❤ The box includes a lovely art print inspired by a dragon myth, as well as other fantastic goodies by indie artists and creators, including Bud and Bee Soap Co. and more!
❤ Orders close August 31, and we begin shipping September 5. The box is available as a subscription and as a single purchase.

The featured book is Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia! I read this book last year in a clean fantasy book club and loved it! It’s clean enough for young adult readers (and has been put in YA fantasy categories on Amazon), but is epic enough for readers who prefer adult epic fantasy over YA fantasy.

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