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Shards: A Noblebright Fantasy Anthology is up for pre-order!

Shards: A Noblebright Fantasy Anthology is now up for pre-order! Amazon | B&N/Nook | Kobo | iBooks | Smashwords | Direct | Signed Paperback Shards of lives, shards of a broken heart, shards of broken pottery or glass, shards of myth and memory… each author in this exciting collection of fantasy has interpreted the theme in a different way. Focused on noblebright fantasy, this anthology includes stories that edge toward grimbright and nobledark, exploring themes of despair tempered by hope and brokenness tempered by redemption.  This anthology features stories from: B. Morris Allen, J.E. Bates, Jade Black, Gustavo Bondoni, Bokerah Brumley, Stephen Case, R. K. Duncan, M.C. […]

Announcing PhoenixCrate – a Noblebright Fantasy Subscription Box

After months of work, I can finally announce… *drum roll*… I’m starting a noblebright fantasy subscription book box called PhoenixCrate! Every quarter, subscribers will receive a noblebright fantasy book with a signed bookplate, as well as a selection of related bookish treats and treasures. You can subscribe at several different levels: the PhoenixCrate, the PhoenixCrate Deluxe (the regular box plus another thematically related book and signed bookplate), or Just the Book (or Just Both Books). You can find all the subscription options here. I’m passionate about noblebright fantasy for adults as well as for younger readers – I don’t think hope, courage, […]