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Guest Post: Animals in Fantasy

Today we have a guest post on animals in fantasy from Jennifer Priester, author of the Mortal Realm Witch series. Thanks to her, I’ve added about 15 books to my To-Be-Read list, and I hope you will too! I’ve added links throughout the post. The links on author names to go the author page on Goodreads, where you can find reviews of the books as well as easily find other books by the same authors. The links on individual titles go to the Amazon page for that book. In the case of series, I’ve linked to the first book in […]

Guest Post: Tech Tools for Writers

This is a guest post by Carson Craig. Carson is a student and author with a steampunk novel coming out later this year. I invited him to write a post on tech tools for writers. Thank you, Carson! As a sidenote, I (C. J. Brightley) also use and love Scrivener. If you’re a writer and you ever write out of order, or write with multiple points of view, or write anything that requires lots of research (such as hard SF or historical fiction), Scrivener can be a lifesaver. Keeping track of multiple storylines, lots of characters, lots of research, or […]

Choosing Cover Art: Guest Post

Lindsay Buroker was kind enough to publish a guest post I wrote titled Choosing Cover Art for Your Indie Book. One of the great things about indie publishing is that you retain so much creative control. And one of the terrible things about indie publishing is that you retain so much creative control! Choosing cover art can be a nerve-wracking experience. Lindsay writes The Emperor’s Edge series, which I’ve been enjoying lately. Check it out! If you’re considering indie publishing, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Lindsay’s blog also has a lot of helpful information about indie publishing and […]

The Different Facets of Fantasy: Guest Post

FantasyBookCritic was kind enough to publish a guest post I wrote about The King’s Sword called The Different Facets of Fantasy. I don’t really consider the book epic fantasy. To me, epic fantasy is concerned with world-shaking events, the titanic struggle of good and evil, generally with huge armies on each side. This story was more personal, about two men and the choices they make. You can find their main page at If you’ve read The King’s Sword, how would you classify it? High Fantasy? Epic Fantasy? Character-driven fantasy? I’m not really sure myself. What other genre-crossing books have you enjoyed? […]