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Help Me Focus!

I’ve started on a number of new projects, but I need to focus after my long period of post-surgery recuperation. Why yes, I’m almost functional again! Thanks for asking. I’m getting better! I don’t want to go on the cart! I’d originally posted this on G+, but I figured my blog is a better place to do this. Plus a lot of you aren’t active on G+ so maybe you’ll vote this way. What should I work on next? I have an abundance of ideas at the moment. All of these are started but only the first has anything approaching […]

Want free books? Sign up for my ARC Team!

Would you like free books? Of course you would! I’m forming an Advance Review Copy (ARC) team – that’s a team of readers who will read my books before they’re available, and post reviews as soon as the books are launched. What do you get out of it? Free review copies, of course! I send you a free ebook, you read it, write a review, and post the review when the book goes live. You’ll need to post on Amazon, but posting on other retailers and review sites like Goodreads is also very much appreciated. What do I get out of it? Reviews! […]