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Light in the Darkness: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set (first set of mini reviews)

A few days ago I wrote an overview of noblebright fantasy, which you can find here on my site and on I want to make noblebright fantasy a recognized subgenre of fantasy the way grimdark is now. In a discussion elsewhere on the internet, one author mentioned to me that, while the term is great, much of classic fantasy literature fits the noblebright definition. He questioned whether there is any utility in inventing a term for something that already exists and continues to be written. I agree… many of the best-loved works of fantasy are noblebright, or at least […]

How to Write a Book Review

Let’s get a few¬†things clear up front: No one is obligated to write a book review. Not book bloggers, not authors, not regular readers. Reviews are something readers do out of the goodness of their hearts, as a hobby, as a favor, as a way of improving their own writing… it doesn’t matter. Reviews are for other readers… they are not for stroking the author’s ego, tender though it may be. Reviews can be as simple as “I loved this book!” or “I hated this book!” That is absolutely fine. Book reviews can be primarily for yourself, as a kind […]